Train the New Trainer

Train the new trainer

  1. Trainer/ Speaker Evaluation & Coaching
  2. Train the NEW Trainer (Instructional Techniques)
  3. Speaking for Work
  4. Speaking for Fun
  1. Trainer/Speaker  Evaluation & Coaching

Will you be training or speaking? Will you deliver a workshop or a presentation to the senior management team? Consider an evaluation first, followed by the appropriate amount of coaching to accomplish you goal.

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2. Train the NEW Trainer

This is an instructional techniques course designed for new trainers.  Review the Train the New Trainer model below as if forms the basis of the training.

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3. Speaking for Work

It may sound simple but what about basic communication skills? How well do you engage with fellow employees? Do you have difficulty communicating? Well the speaking for work course may be for you. looking for a promotion? Communication may be the key.

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4. Speaking for Fun

Yes for fun! weddings, family gatherings or sporting events. The idea is to cover the basics and that usually means getting over the FEAR. Come and join us speaking for fun.

Family : Let me tell you about my trip to Europe.

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