Team Observation Process (TOP) – Human Factors

A Human Factors Technique. The team approach ensures a qualified and competent team select to observe without blame. It reduces the Blame Game by eliminating fear and ensures an accurate observation.

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I know you tried this before and it failed. The question is why? it probably turned into the Blame Game. Remember not everyone is a great observer a team approach ensures a motivated and competent observation.

We take a NO BLAME approach. It's the only way.

Why an Observation Process?

An observation-based safety system can be the foundation of a positive safety culture. As an integral part of an effective safety program (alongside near-miss reporting, incident analysis, etc.) it provides an excellent means of addressing the human dimensions of safety.

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Coaching and a team effort.

Team Observation Process

We use a SAFETY ROI approach, not return on investment in the traditional sense :

  1. Report    
  2. Observe
  3. Intervene

the 3 key components of an effective safety management system (SMS).

1. SAFETY ROI - Report

Report it, No BLAME. Are we getting concerns, hazards and near-miss incident reported in a timely manner? Have we created a learning culture?

2. SAFETY ROI - Observation

Observe, No Blame. Are we conducting positive observations in real-time to promote positive recognition and continuous improvement?

3.  SAFETY ROI - Intervention or the Duty to Intervene is an important part of the safety system because it measures how we protect the safety of our co-workers and contractors. Will we intervene when issues arise? What will we do? What will we say?

Benefits of an Observation Process

Fewer incidents Improved safety performance
Employee engagement Improved environmental performance
Early detection Enhanced reputation
Improved communication Reduction in costs

Team Observation Process (TOP)

  1. Management Support & Accountability (No Blame)
  1. Employee Participation & Engagement (Team-Based)
  1. Training Resources (Human Factors Training)
  1. Tracking and Data Management (Accurate Data)
  1. Auditing and System Assessment (Oversight)

Customized Observation Process (based on SAFETY ROI Model)

There are many standard observation programs in existence today that do not offer a lot of flexibility. The SAFETY ROI Model is a customized approach to the observations process. It starts by looking at the issues facing the organization and assisting in the development of a process that includes the above 5 elements.

We start off with standard human factors tools that can be changed by the client to ensure the process is effective. One starting point is the SAFETY ROI Model.

There are many reasons to develop an observation process for your organization. There are many programs to choose from. We offer a customized service designed to meet the specific needs of your organization. A Human Factors technique.

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