Have you ever felt that you made the wrong choice? Made the wrong decision? Not sure what happened? Did I have a choice? How did I make that decision? Could my decision-making process be improved? What is a decision-making process? 

SAFECHOICE considers how we manage life’s choices and make decisions daily. As the title suggests the focus of this presentation is on safety decisions. It’s a 3-step approach.

Step # 1. Choice

We consider the many choices we face every day, how these choices are presented and acted upon.

Step # 2. Filters (Bias)

Next, we look at the filters we use when considering our choices. These filters are a form of bias that can impact our choices and decisions. We may not even realize that theses filters exit. We explore the filters using 3 categories.

  1. Social Bias
  2. Memory Bias
  3. Cognitive Bias

Is some circles all 3 filters could be called cognitive bias but for the purpose of this presentation we have broken them out into 3 separate categories.

STEP # 3. Decision Making

The last part of the presentation looks at how we make decisions. Which model do we use?

We explore 2 decision-making models that anyone can use to improve decision making.


Consider the choice, recognize the bias and make better decisions.

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