Advanced Incident Investigation

labinsp2This 2-day training program is designed to assist the Manager in their efforts to identify the root cause(s) after an incident occurs in the workplace. The focus is on using a team approach and a variety of analytical techniques, to break down the incident and determine the cause.

This program starts with the basics, The Single Factor Theory, describing some of the difficulties we run into when conducting investigations. We spend additional time on the NAME, BLAME & SHAME GAME. We describe the game, what it looks like and how it can have a negative impact on investigations. We also discuss the development of a reporting culture.

Day 1. The Approach

  1. Introduction
  2. The Safety System
  3. Gathering Information
  4. Interview Techniques
  5. Analytical Techniques

Day 2. Analytical Technique 

  1. Events and Condition Mapping
  2. Human Error Analysis
  3. Change Analysis
  4. The Report
  5. Summary

Each participant receives two workbooks and a DVD.