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Wilson Bateman HSP

Wilson has been engaged in the safety field for more than 25 years providing implementation, training, auditing, and management consulting services.

He is a graduate of Ryerson University, Occupational Health & Safety Program, Humber College Occupational Hygiene & Safety (Honours) and Dalhousie University, Adult Education.

He has been employed in many industries including; chemical, oil and gas, pulp and paper and manufacturing. He has consulted in Canada, United States, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Wilson received the Award of Merit in 1999 for outstanding service to the cause of safety on behalf of the NS Safety Council. Award of Excellence (Safety & Performance) 2015, and the SAFESTART Implementation Award 2016.

Wilson has held positions including; Safety Coordinator, Director Safety Services, Regional Manager, Liberty Risk Services (Liberty Mutual) and President Global Training Edge Inc.

He is the author of the 7 Pillars of Due Diligence & the 7 Safety Habits That Could Save Your Life, the World’s First Safety Self-Help Book.

Wilson is an in-demand speaker and has presented on a wide range of topics including; BBS, Safety Leadership, Due Diligence, and Coaching the 7 Safety Habits.
His presentations have been described as thought-provoking, interesting, informative and fun.

Clients Comments.
“He is one of our most in demand presenters. We have had clients reschedule their training by a few months to ensure Wilson is presenting!” - Nova Scotia Safety Council



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