7 Safety Habits


Book signing at Chapters in Burlington, Ontario.

Book signing at Chapters in Burlington, Ontario.

Some Comments About The 7 Safety Habits Training Program

Evaluations had some of the highest scores we’ve ever experienced.

  1. Interactive presentation.
  2. Delivered with enthusiasm and humour.
  3. Held everyone’s attention.
  4. Now I get it [the importance of safety], it now makes sense to me.
  5. Incredibly positive evaluations.
  6. Wilson’s sessions always fill to capacity.
  7. Rave reviews.
  8. Above expectations.
  9. Best seminar at the conference!
  10. Charismatic yet thought-provoking.
  11. Powerful speaker.
  12. Wilson’s sessions are always extremely popular.
  13. Inspiring session that challenged the audience.
  14. Motivational speaker.
  15. Real-life comparisons and examples.
  16. Interesting and engaging.
  17. Extremely good at capturing and retaining audience attention.
  18. Very upbeat and powerful speaker.
  19. Obviously very passionate about his field.
  20. Instructor very knowledgeable.

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7 Safety Habits - Implementation Process

1. Introduction (1 Hour)

This 1 hour presentation will give the senior management team and decision makers an understanding of how the 7 Safety Habits Process works to reduce injuries on and off the job. The aim is to have a positive impact on the safety culture.

2. Overview Workshop (3.5 Hours)

The Overview Workshop is designed to introduce all employees to the 7 Safety Habits Process. The workshop can be completed in 3.5 hours and includes a copy of the 7 Safety Habits book. We focus on Habit # 1. Think Safety's HARD (Hazard Assessment Risk Duty) a look at last minute risk assessment and Habit # 6. Recognize the Blame Game. Our focus here is on the H-FILES ( Human - Factors that Increase the Likelihood of Error).

3. Leadership Workshop (3.5 Hours)

The Leadership Workshop is designed to introduce the leadership team to the 7 Safety Habits Process. During the workshop roles and responsibilities are reviewed. The session is interactive and includes a participant workbook. The workshop is designed for manages and supervisors.

Leadership Workbook

4. Steering Team (3.5 Hours) 

The Steering Team is the backbone of the 7 Safety Habits Process. The Steering Team provides advice and direction as the process is implemented in the workplace (and off the job). A participant manual is included. Team members should be included from various departments within the company.

Steering Team

5. Train the Trainer (3 days)

The Train the Trainer program is designed to encourage employees to deliver the 7 Safety Habits Process in the workplace. The training is conducted over a 3 day period including theory and practical. The participant receives a complete trainer package. Once the Train the Trainer is complete the training team can begin the implementation using a workshop format designed to encourage participation and evaluation of the habits within the workplace. Now it's time to evaluate the safety culture and develop improvement ideas leading to a learning culture.


Implementation Plan

Chart outlines basic implementation.

Chart outlines basic implementation.

Optional :

The Safety C.O.A.C.H. (Coaching the 7 Safety Habits) see page entitled The Safety C.O.A.C.H. for more details. The Safety C.O.A.C.H. can also be used as a stand alone program.

7 Safety Habits Emerson: This 2 day program taken a detailed look at the 7 Safety Habits. It includes all 3 participant workbooks. The aim is to ensure the participant understands how the program is used to impact the safety culture on and off the job.

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